Art´s Birthday 2017

Art´s Birthday 2017  -  1,000,054  Years of Art

///  Kunstradio Art´s Birthday Party 2017  -  ORF RadioKulturhaus Wien   /// 

" „virtually impossible“ by Bernhard Breuer in Vienna, with Josef Klammer in Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno.

„The network is everlasting“, said Robert Filliou, and Kunstradio’s contribution to Art’s Birthday 2017 is an attempt to play with the pros and cons of this artists’ network, both technically and conceptually.

Bernhard Breuer, one of Austria’s best drummers, amongst others for the acclaimed group Electro Guzzi, has developed the concept for the performance “virtually impossible”:

In a concentrated concert situation in Studio 3 at the ORF Funkhaus in Vienna, he will play in front of the audience, while being connected with Josef Klammer in esc medien kunst labor Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno via ISDN and Webstream.

Breuer will – as other artists have tried more or less successfully in previous Kunstradio projects – try to realize the impossible: to bridge the distance and actually play together, to ignite some kind of non-verbal communication despite of the physical absence. There will be delays and deferrals, obviously, and the only common denominator will be the pre-concerted pace. And this is where the impossible might become real, where the unexpected might happen. The result will be a ca. 20 min. performance, played by different percussionists on different spots, held together by rhythm and delay. A special radio mix will be done in which one can hear all three performers together, this mix will be the Kunstradio contribution to the Art’s Birthday EBU EURORADIO parties and can be heard live on Radio Helsinki in Graz."[kunstradio-radiokunst]

on air: 11.05 pm – 00.00 am, Ö1 Kunstradio-Radiokunst, Radio Ö1, 92.0 FM
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live audio stream:

--> Afterwards:   Kunstradio @ Zeit-Ton

----> 29. 01.2017 // Kunstradio -ON AIR :: FULL PERFORMANCE- „virtually impossible“
by Bernhard Breuer in Vienna, with Josef Klammer in Graz and Pavel Fajt in Brno

Bernhard Breuer